Office of the Vice President for Finance & Administration



Q. How do I submit a Request for Funds?

  1. Transactions not requiring a purchase order should be sent to the Controller’s Office/Accounts Payable Department along with a Request for Funds Form (RFF).  Examples include:
    1. Purchases not exceeding $1,000
    2. Membership dues, subscriptions, books, registrations
    3. Honorariums, awards
    4. Job placement, Advertising (see note below)
    5. Purchase of flowers, food, or gifts for special events
    6. Professional Services
      Note: Advertising expenditures for Academic areas must be approved by the Marketing and Communications Department.
  2.  All Request for Funds must include the following:
    1. Date of Request
    2. Vendor Identification Number (SJU)
    3. Vendor name (if individual, check box for employee, student or parent of SJU student)
    4. Vendor Address 
    5. Proper budget number – Fund, Organization Code, Account, and Activity Code (if applicable)  
    6. Explanation of expense, as well as, original itemized receipts and invoices
    7. Signature of the authorized budget administrator
    8. Signature of supervisor for all employee reimbursements
    9. Notation as to whether a check or cash is needed. 
      1. Check - signify whether it will be a Call For (picked up at the Controller’s Office) or should be mailed.  If the election is made for the Accounts Payable Department to mail the check, and there are attachments needed to go with the check, please include that remittance and make a notation for that request.
  3. Other considerations for Request for Funds:
    1. Vendors performing services to the University (ie. referees, speakers, performers, honorariums, etc.) are considered independent contractors.  In order for their income to be reported to the Internal Revenue Service, an address and social security number is required on the Request for Funds Form.
    2. The University is exempt from sales tax in Pennsylvania and other states. When sales tax is charged on an invoice, please deduct it and request a Pennsylvania Exemption Certificate from the Accounts Payable Department to notify vendor.
    3. No payments will be made from a statement.
    4. Stop payments will be placed if a check does not reach its destination.  A check can be reissued by Accounts Payable after 30 days from the original issue date and not until the bank has confirmed that the check is still outstanding.

Q. What is the policy around Travel/Entertainment Reimbursement?

  1. The University Business Expense and Travel Policy sets forth the procedures for University related travel and reimbursement for travel expenses. Individuals will be reimbursed for all ordinary and necessary expenditures incurred on behalf of or during the course of conducting University business. Expenses should be within reasonable limits and commensurate with the nature of the University assignment and capacity in which the employee represents the University.
  2. The Accounts Payable Department will review all travel reimbursements to ensure they adhere to the University’s Business Expense and Travel Policy.
    1. All receipts must be in their original form and taped to an 8 ½ X 11 sheet of paper for scanning purposes (multiple receipts can be included on one page)
    2. Receipts must include proof of payment – estimates and quotes will not be reimbursed without payment information
    3. Please include itemized receipts for meal reimbursement.  A credit card slip showing total cost of meal and tip will not be accepted.  
    4. Credit card statements are never accepted as proof of invoice
    5. Business Expense Reimbursement Form and receipts for travel must be received within thirty days of travel completion. 
    6. Please review the Business Expense and Travel Policy for further details on acceptable expenses and support needed for reimbursement
  3. Travel Advances – should there be a need for a travel advance, the employee must submit a Request for Funds indicating the amount needed and the purpose and date of travel.  This form must be signed by the Department Head and/or Supervisor.
    1.  A cash advance will not be granted until there has been full settlement with the University for any earlier advance
    2.  After completion of the travel, the employee should complete a Business Expense Reimbursement Form detailing all travel expenses and include original receipts for support – refer to the Business Expense and Travel Policy for details  
    3. The lower half of the form provides a reconciliation area to show the total amount of the trip, less the amount advanced from the University, and the net owed to the employee or to the University
    4. Should the employee need to return unused funds to the University, payment should be included with the Business Expense Reimbursement Form 
    5. This reconciliation must be completed within 30 days of travel completion
  4. Personal Vehicle Use - Saint Joseph’s University will reimburse its faculty and staff for the approved use of their personal automobile on official University business that is properly authorized, reasonable and appropriately documented. The University will reimburse employees at the current rate as approved by the Internal Revenue Service for those miles incurred less the employee’s normal commuting miles.  Reimbursement on a per mile rate is intended to cover all costs of operating the travelers personal automobile including gasoline, oil, insurance, repairs, etc. (exclusive of tolls and parking)


Q. What is the process for payment of an invoice from a Purchase Order?

  1. Upon the receipt and inspection of goods, the budget administrator must sign the invoice indicating such inspection has occurred
  2. The signed invoice should be submitted to the Accounts Payable Department for payment processing
  3. Please mark the invoice as “FINAL” or “PARTIAL” signifying whether the PO should be closed/liquidated


Q. Why would my Request for Funds be rejected?

  1. If any of the policies and procedures established by the Controller’s Office is not followed, the Request for Funds or Business Expense Reimbursement Form will not be approved for payment.  The Accounts Payable Department will return all original documentation along with a notation for the rejection.


Q.What is the Disbursement Timeline?

  1. Checks are processed on Wednesdays
  2. All payment requests must be received by noon on Monday for disbursement on Wednesday
  3. Call for Checks should be picked up at the Cashier window at the Controller’s Office from 3:00PM – 4:30 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and from 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM on Tuesday and Thursday. 
    1. If a check is needed to be delivered to a vendor, please be aware of the disbursement timeline to ensure your check is available when needed
    2. NOTE – Vendors should NEVER be sent to the Controller’s Office for Check pickup
  4. Mailed checks will be processed through the Campus Mail Room
  5. Cash requests limits are at the discretion of the Controller’s Office and follow the same schedule as check disbursement.
  6. Checks will not be sent through Campus Mail



Q. Where do I bring University Deposits?

  1. Cash/Check deposits to the Controller’s Office - All deposits should be delivered to the University Cashier in the Controller’s Office. Deposits may be hand-delivered to the Cashier’s window. The Controller’s Office does not recommend sending deposits through Campus mail.


Q. How should I prepare my deposits?

  1. Cash/Checks
    All deposits must be sent with a Cash/Check/Credit Card Transmittal Form (available in the NEST Document Repository Financial Affairs folder). Please list the amount of cash and checks on the appropriate lines. An adding machine tape of all check amounts should accompany the checks. A list can also be prepared in writing or on a spreadsheet. The department name, budget number to be credited and the amount of the deposit should be listed on the form.

    The University department will be notified of any discrepancies in the amount listed on the Transmittal Form and the amount verified by the Cashier.

  2. Credit Cards
    All credit cards deposits should be sent with a Cash/Check/Credit Card Transmittal Form. American Express, Master Card and Visa are accepted.

    ​The following information is required for all credit card transactions.

    1. Cardholder’s name
    2. Credit card number
    3. Expiration date
    4. Amount
    5. Something in writing from the individual cardholder authorizing the charge

      The department name, budget number and total amount charged should be listed on the form.


Q. What is the Revenue Policy?

  1. Definition of revenue accounts: Revenue accounts are used to deposit funds received. These funds can be for a donation/event held or goods sold. In order to access these revenue funds a department should contact the Office of Financial Affairs (OFA) and provide them with a budget as to where funds will be expended. The OFA will set up and post the budget adjustment to the appropriate expense account code(s). Many departments have specific revenue accounts and should continue to use these. Accounts that relate to University departments include those listed below.
  2. Revenue:
    1. 5570 Fund Raising Events – This account should be used when a department is receiving funds in exchange for merchandise or services. For example the selling of T-shirts, having a luncheon or holding an auction/event to support a specific program.
    2. 5115 Seminars – This account should be used when a department is holding a seminar. iii. 5680 Reimbursement of Expense – This account should be used when a department is selling items and the cost of the goods is equal to the funds received (i.e. chemistry lab supplies or dispensary supplies.)
    3. 5734 Miscellaneous Income – If a department has revenue that does not fit into any of the above descriptions it can deposit the funds in this account. Please check with the Office of Financial Affairs to determine if there is a more appropriate line then miscellaneous income.
    4. Special Note: If you are receiving revenue from a source that will be continuous and does not fit into the above accounts, please notify the Office of Financial Affairs. We may need to set up a new revenue account.
    5. University Donations - The Development Office should be contacted if the following criteria are met:
      1. A company/individual gives a check to a department to support the department or a program within the department.
      2. The company/individual does not receive goods or services in return for their support.
      3. Development will pick the check up and put the funds into the departments appropriate revenue line. On a quarterly basis the Office of Financial Affairs will move the budget money into the departments 7093 account code in order for the funds to be expended.




Q: When is payday?

Semi-monthly, Faculty employees pay is the 15th and the last day of each month. If the 15th or last day of the month falls over a weekend, payday will be the Friday before that weekend.
Bi-weekly employees are paid the following Friday after the end of the pay cycle.

Q:When does my direct deposit become effective?

Immediately. All employees are highly encouraged to sign up for direct deposit. All new hires who have turned in direct deposit information will receive direct deposit immediately effective their first pay. Any employee who has made a change to his/her direct deposit information will see the change effective the very next pay period following the change as long as the change occurred at least 48 hours prior to pay date.

Q:Who do I contact if I have questions about deductions on my payroll check?

Semi-monthly & Faculty should contact Taquana Ferguson at ext. 1291 or
Hourly employees should contact Laquita Ballard at ext. 1293 or

Q:How are address, W-4, Direct Deposit changes or corrections made for payroll files?

Changes to payroll files must be received 48 hours prior to the payroll being processed. You can find The Personal Data Sheet, Direct Deposit form, and the W-4 form on The Nest.

Q:I am a new employee when can I expect to be paid?

New employees are only paid after they complete all of the necessary new hire paperwork.
Semi-Monthly and Faculty are paid the next pay cycle after starting work. For example, if the start date is on the 12th of the month he/she will be paid on the last day of the month.


Q: When is payday?

Payday is the following Friday after the end of the pay cycle.

Q: When do I/how do I submit my hours?

Students are required to submit their hours each day they work online through web time entry. At the end of the pay cycle they are required to submit those hours to their supervisors. If web time entry instructions are needed please email All Graduate and some Grant students are paid on a Semi-monthly basis. Q: How is pay distributed? All pay is direct deposited. If you desire a pay calendar please email

Q: I put in my hours but haven’t been paid what do I do?

Contact your supervisor to see if your hours have been approved. If they have been approved but you still haven’t been paid have your supervisor send an email with your hours to

Q: Where/how do I fill out my paperwork?

New students and students who have never worked at the university before can pick up and fill out all necessary forms at Human Resources 215 City Avenue. Paperwork must be filled out completely and returned with proper and actual identification. NOTE: Faxed, emailed, copied, scanned identification cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

Q: Which am I a Work-Study or Student Worker?

Work-study students receive their work study notices in the mail prior to school.

Q: I am a returning student who has worked here before, what do I do?

Re-submission of paperwork to Payroll is NOT necessary if you have worked on campus before. Please contact your supervisor and let them know your paperwork is still on file. They will then enter your job in the online system.